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Friday 21st January 2022 - Paraffin, The Ben Baker Fiasco, Vision, Jordan Duke

July 24th 2021 - Wellington Way Fest - Rabb, Sahara, Harrison Rhys, 
Lo-Fi Rebels, The Flying Alexanders

8th July 2021 - Hannah Clark, Young Pine and Rotaries

July 27th 2021 - Joe Johnson, Crstian TR, Ollie Hutton

May 17th 2021 - VCR and The Calaveras

December 12th 2020 - Rob O'Connor, Interstate Drive and VCR

November 14th - Music at The Loft - Harrison Rhys , Belle Estelle and Young Pine

October 31st - Music At The Loft - Killing Morton , Brash Bullets and
Dead Authors - Facebook Event Page

September 19th 2020 - Music @ The Golden Eagle - Facebook Event Page
Featuring - VCR, Calaveras, Matt Barnes 

August 22nd 2020 - Music @ The Golden Eagle  - Facebook Event Page
Featuring - Dead Authors, Andy Osman, Hannah Clark