Weekend Offender Records started in 2019 when Matt Piper of Lo-Fi Rebels decided to put out a
double sided 7 inch lathe cut vinyl featuring two of the bands songs.
After selling out of the release at the Wickham Festival that same year a plan was hatched to
bring Lathe cut vinyl and music that kicks arse  to the masses and what started  with a predominant focus on Punk related artists has since developed to also include anything that makes our foot tap or head think .

Weekend Offender Records is able to provide physical media releases, downloads and streaming available for all of its artists without artists incurring initial minimum manufacturing costs.

We love Physical Media !

More and more we are now renting our music. We pay monthly subs to listen, but actually own nothing. Also, very little of the money from your subs and advertising revenue actually reaches the artists.

The old technologies still work well today and by the 1990's had reached a pinnacle of performance that has only ever been surpassed by the introduction of high sample rate, loss-less digital formats which sadly are not used for most downloads or streaming media.

We provide a platform for less well known artists to gain exposure and earn sensible royalties. This website contains music by a collection of artists that want to give you physical artefacts you can love, own, treasure and hand down to your children, just like the old days.

We produce hand-made limited edition vinyl and cassette tape formats, as well as high quality CD, DVD audio and, yes - we do have loss-less HQ downloads too!

Please take a look around, listen to some great music, get some tickets for some great live shows
and continue to support REAL artists making REAL music !

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